Renzacci: the prestige of the brand with the force of its organisation

We at Renzacci's are firmly convinced that the mission of our company has not been completely fulfilled by building equipment of advanced technology and performing superiority. As a matter of fact our company very well knows that OUR PRESENCE IN 120 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE calls for A GREAT ORGANIZATION EFFORT TO PROVIDE A WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES LINKED WITH THE TRAINING AND CONTINUOUS INFORMATION ON OUR EQUIPMENT. We do so every day with the aid of a highly trained and qualified staff, devoted to carrying out these tasks at their best using forefront instruments and proper structures, amongst which no doubt the RENZACCI INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE ON DRY CLEANING AND WASHING MACHINES, TECHNOLOGIES AND TECHNIQUES on an area of 1,000 sq.m, fully services-dedicated with multimedia support and field tests.

Projects and professional advice for turn-key shops and activities

Technical Training

Business and Marketing Training

Franchising and innovative commercial formulae

Layout and Project Management

Technical Assistance on-line

Training Campus

Clean Tests and personalized perfomance tests

These and many other points of great added value are offered by the “RENZACCI TEAM SERVICE”.


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