Storia di successo

Story of success...

When at the beginning of the sixties Comm. Gr.Uff. Azelio Renzacci, founder of the Renzacci Group, set up his company, his firm wish was that it were built and developed at Città di Castello in Umbria, where he was born and from where he left to become a self-made man. In that very moment not only a company took shape, but above all the ideas and the creative passion of an entrepreneur and a man made of tenacious and continuous commitment, of farsightedness, initiative and spirit of innovation.

It is thanks to these characteristics, together with the courage and the innovative choices which at the most of times represented sheer forerunners of the development of the laundry industry, that Renzacci company developed itself until today it has become part of a group operating in many sectors of activities. With the same human and entrepreneurial qualities Azelio Renzacci managed his company making it grow over the years in his homeland and overseas, until it has now become one of the great realities existing worldwide in the dry cleaning and washing sector, with intuitions and ideas that have contributed to the development of patents that for ever distinguish themselves by their innovative and original character.

Azelio Renzacci
Azelio Renzacci

These strong and solid foundations represent the past, the present and the future of Renzacci S.p.A., seeing its history as the best bond for its continuous growth in coherence with the principles and ideals which are and will always remain the best propulsors of its development. This farsightedness has come true also in the very rare gift of being able to grow in many years a managing staff capable of holding the reins and succeeding him in the company, which already occurred some years ago and which today sees:

Gabrio and Donatella Renzaccifirmly at the leadership of Renzacci S.p.A. Industria Lavatrici.

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